The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is a unique bi-national organization, mandated by governments of India and Canada to promote, facilitate and nurture academic linkages, collaborations & exchanges, research partnerships, and networks on bi-national corridors. With its physical presence in New Delhi, India and Calgary, Canada, and a strong base of 156  Indian and 39 Canadian member institutions, for past 55 years, SICI is the only organization in the Canada-India higher education corridor that is instrumental in building and strengthening intellectual and cultural relationship through research and dialogue. Funded by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, it supports diverse disciplines including Social Sciences, Humanities, Science & Technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Arts, Literature, Culture, Law, Business, Economic Reform, etc. and covers all levels of higher education from undergraduate to postdoc and from faculty to collaborative research.

SICI was founded through a mutual proclamation of the governments of Canada and India. The Institute was named after Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, one of the most prominent and dynamic Prime Ministers of India. The promotion of university level studies and research on India in Canadian educational institutions was the Institute's initial purpose. With its early focus on the humanities and social sciences, the Institute devised various programmes including fellowships and providing books and journals pertaining to India to the libraries of the three founding Canadian members of the Institute - McGill University, University of British Columbia, and University of Toronto. From that modest beginning, the Institute grew by expanding wider support for other domains of studies and by addition of more Canadian members. The year 2005 was a landmark year in its history when the Institute became a truly bi-national organization supported equally by both the governments. It has helped enhance mutual understanding by sharing ideas, books and periodicals, fostering exchanges of students and faculty, funding research, stimulating discussions and promoting academic collaborations.

Our Mission

“To improve the quality of life of the peoples of Canada and India by building and strengthening intellectual and cultural linkages through research, dialogue and exchange”

Our broad-based initiatives support the creation of binational links between academia, government, the business community and civil society organizations by funding research and hosting seminars. Our internships and fellowships provide opportunities for individuals to gain first-hand experience in India or Canada. In addition, our book and journal programme provides valuable resources to students and faculty at our member universities.