Past Presidents

Name Institution City Start Year End Year
Aileen Ross McGill University Montreal 1967 1969
Michael Brecher Department of Political Science, McGill University Montreal 1969 1970
Peter Harnetty University of British Columbia   1970 1971
Edward Moulton Department of History, University of Manitoba   1971 1974
Michael Ames Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia   1974 1976
Milton Israel Department of History, University of Toronto Toronto 1976 1979
Bill Carment Department of Psychology, McMaster University   1979 1982
N. K. Choudhry Department of Economics, University of Toronto Toronto 1982 1984
Harold Coward (formerly University of Calgary) now Centre of Religion and Sociology Studies, University of Victoria Victoria 1984 1986
Bir Sahni Centre for International Academic Cooperation, Concordia University   1986 1988
Ratna Ghosh Faculty of Education, McGill University Montreal 1988 1990
G. N. Ramu Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba   1990 1994
John R. Wood Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia   1994 1996
Jayant K. Lele Department of Political Science, Queen's University   1996 1998
Carole M. Farber Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario   1998 2000
Hugh Johnston Department of History, Simon Fraser University   2000 2001
Leona Anderson Department of Religious Studies, University of Regina   2001 2003
Arun Mukherjee Department of English, York University   2003 2006
Chiranjib Sen Indian Institute of Management Bangalore 2006 2007
Gary vanLoon Queen’s University   2007 2008
Prof. A. S. Narang Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi 2008 2009
Sheila Embleton York University   2009 2010
Sunaina Singh Osmania University   2010 2011
Braj Sinha Saskachewan University   2011 2012
Ranbir Singh National Law University   2012 2013
Shanthi Jonhson University of Regina   2013 2014
Biju Paul Abraham Indian Institute of Management   Calcutta 2014 2015
Girish M. Shah Laval University  Québec 2015 2016
Prof. Suchorita Chattopadhyay Jadavpur University  Kolkata 2016 2017
Girish M. Shah Laval University  Québec 2017 2018