Alumni Details

S_No Program Name Year Canadian Scholar Canadian Institution Indian Scholar Indian Institution Project Title
73 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Mira Raj Gambhir University of Toronto Moving from the Margins: Indian and Canadian Perspectives on Diversity Education for Teachers
72 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Poornima Padmanabhan Simon Fraser University Exploring Socio-cultural Factors Influencing the use of the $100 Laptop in Rural India
71 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Adam Malloy McMaster University Preserving Local Cultures in the Villages of Darjeeling
70 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Anjesh Prasad York University Study on Experiences of Indian Chartered Accountants in Canada
69 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Kirk Franklin Perris University of Toronto Online Learning in the Open University Systems of India and China: A Comparison or Responses to Globalization
68 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Ashley McClelland University of Guelph Globalization at Home: Examining Gulf Migration and Inequality in Kerala, India
67 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2008-09 Dr. Vikram Lekhi University of Calgary 1) PES Institute of Technology in Bangalore 2) ? IFCR Institute in Dochi 1) Designed a course curriculum based on MBT program. 2) Traveled to Bangalore to create an international student-run program in bio-medical technology ?MBT Program: Masters of BioTechnology program in Bangalore
66 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2008-09 Dr. Steve Sider Wilfrid Laurier University Banmankhi, Bihar 1) Delivered lectures on leadership in schools and communities at the college in Banmankhi, Bihar 2) Conducted research on children?s experiences with language retention
65 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2008-09 Prof. Soma Marik York University RKSM Vivekananda Vidyabhavan 1) Attended the South Asian Peoples Unity Conference at York University. The conference was jointly organized between York and Toronto University.
64 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2008-09 Ms. Sharon Little Canadian Museum of Civilization 1) ICOM-CC 2) Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) 1) Attended the joint ICOM-CC Board and Coordinators meeting in preparation for final conference procedures 2)Moderated the LIC paper presentations during the ICOM-CC 15th Triennial conference 3) Discussed assistance with the development of the National Conservation Policy for Archives 4) Visited the Indian Visited the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)