Alumni Details

S_No Program Name Year Canadian Scholar Canadian Institution Indian Scholar Indian Institution Project Title
2,379 Shastri Mobility Programme(SMP) 2019-20 Maria DeRosa Carleton University IIT Madras Aptamer-Based Lateral Flow Assays - Integration With the IQuant System
2,378 Shastri Mobility Programme(SMP) 2019-20 University of Calgary Rosmy Joan National Law University, Jodhpur Environmental Law Impact on Energy Law: A Comparative Study Between India And Canada
2,377 Shastri Mobility Programme(SMP) 2019-20 University of Waterloo Laura Dameris Chellajothi Bharthidasan University Mapping a Bakhtinian Poetics for Holocaust Life Writing
2,376 Shastri Mobility Programme(SMP) 2019-20 Ryerson University Deepanwita Srivastava Indira Gandhi National Open University Problematizing Teaching/Learning of French As A Foreign Language in Open And Distance Learning: Overcoming Challenges In The Digital Space
2,375 Shastri Publication Grant (SPG) 2019-20 Shivaji Mukherjee University of Toronto Colonial Institutions and Civil War: Maoist Insurgency in India
2,374 Shastri Publication Grant (SPG) 2019-20 Margie Parikh Gujarat University Profiles in Happiness
2,373 Shastri Programme Development Grant(SPDG) 2019-20 Shiv Kumar Sarin Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences(ILBS) International conference titled: Conversation on Life Enhancing Values: Promoting Compassion & Harmony
2,372 Shastri Programme Development Grant (SPDG) 2019-20 Amrita Deb IIT Hyderabad Resilience program for students in higher education in India
2,371 Shastri Membership Development Grant(SMDG) 2019-20 Sandeep Kindo Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya A Poster Making Competition on the Hazardous Effects of Polythene
2,370 Shastri Institutional Collaborative Research Grant (SICRG) 2019-20 Gopal Achari University of Calgary Mathava Kumar IIT Madras Development of Novel Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies