Alumni Details

S_No Program Name Year Canadian Scholar Canadian Institution Indian Scholar Indian Institution Project Title
121 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2009-10 Prof. Veena Rao University of King?s College National institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore Presented a paper on ?Circulating Knowledge: East and West? at a 3 day conference organized by University of King?s College
122 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2009-10 Prof. Kalidas Sen Concordia University University Of Hyderabad -Visited the research group of Professor Richard L. Hall, Department of Mathematics and Statistics to collaborate on the confined electronic systems which show unusual electronic properties as compared to the free gaseous atoms and molecules
123 Millennium Development Goals Research Grant (MDG) 2009-10 Dr. Ananya Mukherjee Reed York University Dr. K J Joseph Center for Development Studies (CDS), Kerala Development in the aftermath of the global meltdown: Assessing the potential of Social Economy Enterprises for Realizing Millennium Development Goals (Millennium Development Goals Research Grant (MDG) )
124 Millennium Development Goals Research Grant (MDG) 2009-10 Dr. Carmel Mothersill McMaster University Dr. M. Selvanayagam Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy (LIFE) Environmental, Societal and Occupational Hazard Assessment of the Impact of Beach Sand Mining - A Canada-India study
125 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2009-10 Bradley Boileau University of Ottawa Jain folklore, martial culture, and the prophylactic qualities of Jain asceticism
126 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2009-10 Stephen Gucciardi University of Toronto Language Training in Punjab and a Future in Sikh Studies
127 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2009-10 Gabriel Jones University of Ottawa Influence of Naga worship on Jain Art and Ideology in Central India?
128 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2009-10 Chad Walasek M-DO Centre for World Music and Dance A Master?s Degree Focussed on the Study of Kathak and its Cultural Contexts
129 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2009-10 Nastassia Williams University of Sherbrook Understanding development in the world?s biggest democracy
130 AISEC 2009-10 Nicole West Worked with EduCARE India Project DAVES in the area of sustainable development, with a focus on environmental management