Useful Links

Government and Regulatory Information

Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India by a Person Resident outside India  :  A part of the FAQ section of the Reserve Bank of India, this page seeks to clear up confusion surrounding legal issues of types of property that non-residents or non-nationals can own or rent in India.

Laws relating to Arbitration and Conciliation : This page examines protocol surrounding arbitration and conciliation legislation in India as well as national and international norms and practices surrounding dispute resolution in a business context.

Taxation- Relief for Foreign Nationals  :  As a guide to investment in India, this page breaks down legal jargon to explain the tax duties on a non-citizen in India and the various exemptions available.

Cultural Understanding

Local HR Management- Key Issues in India  :  This document deals with understanding the HR practices of India within a socio-cultural context, particularly looking at the impacts of religion and gender within business. It also explains the way through which recruitment, retention and compensation is carried out in India.

University of Guelph- India Semester program  :  Written from the perspective of a former student participant in the India Semester program, this website offers practical tips and insights for a Canadian student visiting India for the first time.