SICI Honour Rolls

The Institute honours the stalwarts in recognition of their services and contributions that they have made to the Institute.

The recipients of the SICI honour roll before the  Institute became Bi-national :

(i) The Honourable Flora MacDonald, former CAC Chair

(ii) Michael Brecher – McGill University

(iii) Mr. P. N. Malik – long time consultant, India Office, SICI

(iv) Mr. John Hadwen – former CAC Chair

The recipients of the SICI honour roll  after  the  Institute became Bi-national : 

(i)  Mr. Peter Walker (2006)

(ii)  Dr. Chiranjib Sen (2007)

(iii)  Mr. Ravi Seethapathy (2008)

(iv)  Dr. Stephen Inglis ( 2011)

(v)  Prof.  Gary VanLoon and Professor Braj Sinha (2014)

(vi)  Prof. Biju P. Abraham (2018)