Alumni Details

S_No Program Name Year Canadian Scholar Canadian Institution Indian Scholar Indian Institution Project Title
83 Parternship Development Seed Grant(PDSG) 2008-09 Dr. Carmen Loiselle McGill University Dr. Brindha Sitaram Centre of Psycho-oncology for Education and Research (COPER) Establishment of Formal Research Collaboration between McGill and the Centre for Psychoonology in Bangalore
82 Parternship Development Seed Grant(PDSG) 2008-09 Dr. Patricia Gruben Simon Fraser University Dr. Father Myron Pereira St. Xavier's College, Mumbai Film Education Study
81 Parternship Development Seed Grant(PDSG) 2008-09 Dr. Ratna Ghosh McGill University Dr. Paromita Chakravarti Jadavpur University The National Knowledge Commision Report, 2006 Its implications for Women's Education in West-Bengal, India
80 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Terah Sportel University of Guelph Kalpa vriksham, the 'all-giving tree: Labour and Livelihoods in the Coconut-Copra-Oil Sector
79 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Navneet Kumar University of Calgary Postcolonial Intellectuals and Academic Activism: Reading Arundhati Roy's Non-Fiction with Edward Said.
78 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Karine Gagne University of Montreal Gender and natural Resources Management: Livelihood Strategies and Interventions in a Context of Desertification in India
77 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Kory Goldberg UQAM Buddhists Without Borders: International Pilgrimage, Foreign-Aid and Education in bodhgaya
76 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Tejwant Chana University of Alberta Global Peace Education in Contemporary India
75 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Karen Rideout University of British Columbia Novel Approaches to (re)embedding communities in the food system in Canada and India
74 Student Excellence Award (SEA) 2008-09 Kieran Findlater University of British Columbia Assessing the Land-Use Impacts of Biodiesel in India