Availability of prof. Sada niang, professor of french and francophone literatures, african and caribbean cinemas and french ...

Dr. Sada Niang, a Professor of French and Francophone literatures, African and Caribbean cinemas and French linguistics in the Department of French at the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) is available for conducting Lectures & or workshop at Indian Member Council of the Shastri Institute.

Interested members from IMC may like to post their interest on this forum to confirm the schedule with Dr. Niang who will respond back here on this forum itself.

 Date of availability:   August 10-14th and   August 18-30th, 2017

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This is an excellent opportunity for Indian academia to make use of Prof Niang's presence in India. He is traveling to India on Shastri Mobility Programme of the Shastri Institute funded by MHRD. Last year, he offered a course at JNU under the GIAN programme.


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Thanks Prof. Kunal Chattopadhyay for sharing your interest to host Prof. Niang at Jadavpur university. He will come back to you to set up the dates at his earliest possible.



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Dear Kunal

Thank you for your kind mail.I gladly accept you invitation.  Looking at my time table it seems the most suitable time would be anytime between August 19th and August 27th. Also, we need to discuss topics of lectures. if you could confirm quickly, I would then proceed to make the final arrangements on my side. 


My best to Suchorita. 


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We would like to invite Dr. Sada Niang to National Law University, Odisha for a 1-2 day workshop on ''A Comparative Study of the representation of law in Indian vis-a-vis that in Carribean and African cinema". 

It would be a privilege for NLU Odisha to host Prof. Niang. We will offer local hospitality and the economy airfare. 


We look forward to his confirmation of dates at the earliest.




Dr.Manisha Mishra

Assistant Professor of English

National Law University, Odisha

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Thank you for your invitation.   I would be delighted to accept your invitation, but you should know that I am specialist of francophone African literature and cinemas.  I am able to give lectures and workshops on the portrayal of law, lawyers and legal matters in francophone African literature and cinemas, but would not be able to incorporate the Indian side of this topic. My expertise could respond to the question: "How is civil society law portrayed in francophone African literatures and cinemas (clips could be included in the lecture)?"; or “what are the relationships between customary and civil legal frameworks as portrayed in Francophone African literature and cinemas”. My availability for now  is August 10-11, or maybe August 28-29.   
August 10-11 would fit better, but the  later date could be negotiated provided we act fast.

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We would be happy to have Dr. Sada Niang as a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University,preferrably during August 18-24, for a week. We can provide local hospitality. 2-3 lectures and other programmes can be set up, including with the Centre for Studies in African Literatures and Cultures.

On receiving the response it will be possible to set in motion formal processes, like an official invitation, etc.

Thank you

Kunal Chattopadhyay
Professor of Comparative Literature
Jadavpur University