Availabilty Prof. Zhu Qian, School of Planning, University of Waterloo in India

Prof. Zhu Qian ,Associate Professor, School of  Planning,  University of Waterloo ,Canada is arriving in India to teach a course at IIT Roorkee in November 14-22, 2017 under the GIAN Programme.

Kindly let us know if you would be interested to host him for a lecture /talk at your University/ Institution during the week November 7 -13, 2017. You may even like to organize one day Workshop or a Seminar with him in collaboration with one or more SICI member institutions nears you.

Interested institutions from IMC may like to post their interest on the Discussion forum on our web portal to confirm the schedule with Prof. Prof. Zhu Qian

Date of availability:   November 7 -13, 2017

Brief CV of Prof.Zhu Qian


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Gujarat Technological University would like to receive Prof. Zhu Qian at a convenient date between 7-10 November, 2018.

Please connect us to Prof. Qian as we need to brief him about the University, its international activities and the Canada connect. We would also like to explore the posibility of inviting him at GTU for probable events planned during his visit.

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Dear Mrs. Dave: I can be reached by email: z3qian(at)  Please replace (at) with @

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Dear Mrs. Dave: I can be reached by email: z3qian(at) Please replace (at) with @