Availability of Prof. Thomas Waugh , Professor Emeritus, School of Cinema, Concordia University .

Prof. Thomas Waugh, Professor Emeritus, School of Cinema, Concordia University ,Canada is arriving in India to teach a course at NIT Silchar in December 2017 under the GIAN Programme.

Kindly let us know latest by November 20, 2017  if you would be  interested to host him for a lecture /talk at your University/ Institution/workshop /seminar  during the period  late December 2017 to March 15, 2018. You may even like to organize one day Workshop or a Seminar with him in collaboration with one or more SICI member institutions  near  you.

Interested institutions from IMC may like to post their interest on the Discussion forum on our web portal to confirm the schedule with Prof. Thomas Waugh

Date of availability:   late December 2017 to March 15, 2018

 CV - Prof. Thomas Waugh


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I would like to know if it will be possible for Prof Waugh to visit IIT Gandhinagar for a short trip in January. Both faculty and graduate students with the Humanities & Social Sciences at IITGN will be interested to attend a talk or a workshop, whichever is more convenient for Prof Waugh. The workshop would ideally be held over a weekend to avoid schedule conflicts with other semester-based courses. Kindly let us know so that we can explore dates and other related arrangements.